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Have you heard? Feather hair extensions are now available at the Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New Jersey NJ. The must-have fashion accessory for long or short hair, these special Feather Hair Extensions NJ can be brushed, blow dried, straightened and curled once they are in place and they last anywhere from 2-7 weeks.

Feather hair extensions in New Jersey NJ look great on short hair, wear them placed behind the ear to create an ‘earring’ effect or add longer feathers underneath your hair for a unique look. For longer hair, Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New Jersey NJ uses the longest feathers which blend right into your real hair, almost like highlights would but with a totally different and unique look.

Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon always proudly says that we are serving the people of New Jersey. We are close to all areas of New Jersey, NJ. We are not that far from Jersey City, Newark, Patterson, Princeton, Edison, Woodbridge, Tomsriver, Trenton, Montclair, or the following counties, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Monmouth, and more. We have top stylists that will help you get the best feather hair extensions look that you want. Using the Our Feather Hair Extensions salon methods at New Jersey by our team of highly qualified certified and well-trained experts in our salon can help make the transformation from Drab to Fab in a matter of minutes adding beauty to your hair with Feather hair extensions NJ.

Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New Jersey NJ has several fun colors to choose from. Each feather costs just $15 that includes the feather extension and install and will give you a fun, trendy and totally cool look.

Don’t wait because feather hair extensions NJ are in high-demand and sell out quickly. Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon in New Jersey NJ can only keep them in stock as they arrive to our salon on back-order from the manufacturer.

Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon sells grizzly Feather Hair Extensions NJ mixes in every color and size for affordable prices. All feathers come from the American Grizzly Rooster and each feather takes 18 1/2 months to mature before we’ll sell it to you. One thing we do promise all featherheads…We won’t break your bank and you’ll be satisfied.

You can do a same day consult and service for feather hair extensions, we accept Walk in to our Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon for consultation. Feather hair extensions NJ gives your hair a very unique look, a little bit of flair to your hair, and is great with women who have hair extensions already. It is a good statement piece, and will get you involved with lots of conversation as you go out. Feather hair extensions are new, and you could be one of the first ones to have and wear them.

If you are looking for feather hair extensions or any type of hair extension options, come in for a free consult to Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon. We will go over you feather hair extensions options, and get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Feather hair extensions NJ are becoming all the rage. Most people usually put a few pieces in their hair. Feathers extensions are not meant as a whole head extension. Usually people put in around 5-10 pieces of feather extensions. We charge $15 per piece. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, and we are close to all areas around the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, areas.

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